Help IFMA San Antonio in our continued support of Respite Care of San Antonio.  Below are photos of artwork created by four of the residents of Respite Care.  You can bid on one (or all!) of these drawings and help out all the kids while adding some beauty to your home or office.
Anna is 11 yrs. old and loves to do arts and crafts, dance with her sisters and help with the little children in the nursery.  Anna dreams of owning a bakery and decorating beautiful wedding and birthday cakes.Carrie is 12 yrs. old.  She is non-verbal and relies on ASL and electronic devices to communicate.  Carrie loves playing dress up and make believe.  She also loves animals, especially cats and dogs.John is 11 yrs. old and is making great academic progress at Respite Care.  He enjoys singing along to his favorite songs.  John plays basketball and soccer, and his therapist says he is a great team player.Katelyn is 15 yrs. old.  She is non-verbal and relies on her caregivers to thrive.  Katelyn is a resilient teenager who loves spending time with other children and likes to dance and shake maracas to music.
Current Bid:  $90.00 (DS)Current Bid:  $100.00 (RH)Current Bid:  $200.00 (LM)Current Bid:  $130.00 (KM)

You can place your bid here, then come back to this page to follow the bidding -- and update your bid!  Bids should be in $10 increments.  Bidding will close at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 20.  All proceeds will be donated to Respite Care of San Antonio.

If you need more information, please shoot us an email and we will be happy to answer your questions.  Thanks for helping us make this fundraising event a success!

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